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HK J Paediatr (New Series)
Vol 17. No. 4, 2012

HK J Paediatr (New Series) 2012;17:230-236

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Ultrasonographic Findings of Children Screened after Exposure to Melamine-Tainted Milk Products in a Local Centre

KCH Lau, LMF Tee, EYL Kan, CY Lui, GKF Tam, KP Fung, WCW Wong, HS Lam


To evaluate renal ultrasound findings related to melamine-tainted milk products. Between 26th September 2008 to 28th November 2008, 1,872 children aged 12 years or younger who had consumed melamine tainted milk products (MTMP) for more than one month were referred to our special assessment centre for renal ultrasound and urinalysis. Five children were found to have MTMP associated stones, which fulfilled the criteria: strong echogenic lesion ≥4 mm lying inside the collecting system or an ultrasonographic abnormality not completely fulfilling the aforementioned criteria with dilatation of either renal pelvis or renal calyx. Four children were found to have MTMP associated deposits, these were renal hyperechoic foci that did fulfill the stone criteria but were persistent on follow-up scans. Two children found to have MTMP suspected renal deposits, which were defined as renal hyperechoic foci that were not detectable on follow-up scan. Incidence rates of renal stones, renal deposits and suspected renal deposits are 0.27%, 0.21% and 0.11%, respectively. A similar study performed by Peking University of children up to three years of age who were exposed to MTMP showed a higher incidence of renal stones/deposits, which could be due to consumption of higher concentration of melamine tainted milk products and the large quantity of milk consumed in this younger age group. Melamine coalesces with other milk related products to form crystals that block tubules of the kidney. Little is known about the effects of melamine in humans. This study evaluates the spectrum and short term changes of ultrasound findings related to MTMP. Further evaluation and follow-up of these children shown to be affected by melamine may be useful in assessing the long term sequelae.

Keyword : Kidneys; Paediatrics; Ultrasound; Urogenitial

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