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HK J Paediatr (New Series)
Vol 16. No. 3, 2011

HK J Paediatr (New Series) 2011;16:180-183

Case Report

The Importance of Dietary Therapy in Acute Vitamin D Intoxication

I Ozer, M Ozcetin, R Yilmaz


A previously healthy 9-month-old girl was brought to our clinic after falling from a height. She was restless and mildly dehydrated. She had been given 300,000 units of vitamin D in the previous 10 days. The levels of serum calcium, 25(OH) D vitamin, and parathyroid hormone were 17.1 mg/dl [reference 8.0-10.2], 892.9 ng/ml [reference 7.4-53.3], and 9.8 pg/mL [reference 9-65], respectively. She was treated with intravenous fluids, furosemide, calcitonin, steroid, and a diet containing minimal amounts of calcium and vitamin D. The daily dietary intake was 148 mg calcium and 8 units of vitamin D. Thirty-five days later, the serum vitamin D level had returned to a safe level. The effect of vitamin D can last for months, since it is fat-soluble. The recommended drug therapy inhibits calcium absorption. A diet with reduced calcium and vitamin D shortens the duration of therapy. This article emphasizes the importance of dietary treatment.

一名過往體健的9個月女性幼兒因從高處墜落而到門診。就診時存在焦慮以及輕微脫水的表現。該幼兒在就診前10天內接受過維生素D 300,000單位的治療。就診後檢測血清鈣,25羥維生素D,甲狀旁腺素分別為 17.1 mg/dl [參考值 8.0-10.2], 892.9 ng/ml [參考值7.4-53.3], and 9.8 pg/mL [參考值 9-65]。我們給予此患兒以靜脈輸注液體,速尿,降鈣素,激素的治療以及進行飲食控制(膳食中控制鈣以及維生素D 至最低水準)。每日飲食攝入鈣148 mg,維生素D 8單位。治療35天後,患兒的血清維生素D水準回復至安全範圍。因維生素D是脂溶性維生素,它的影響可以持續達數月。當前推薦的治療維生素D中毒的藥物是抑制鈣的吸收,而膳食中對於鈣以及維生素D攝入的控制,則可以幫助縮短治療的時間,本文即強調了飲食治療的重要性。

Keyword : Diet; Hypervitaminosis D; Treatment; Vitamin D intoxication



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