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HK J Paediatr (New Series)
Vol 15. No. 2, 2010

HK J Paediatr (New Series) 2010;15:161-164

Case Report

Picibanil Therapy for Cervicofacial Lymphatic Malformation

S Bittmann, C Wittekindt, V Helmstaedter


We present the case of a 4-year-old boy who was born with a large cervicofacial lymphatic malformation. It was partially resected in the first year of life and treated with Picibanil/OK-432 injections at the age of three because of recurrence. Eight months later the boy developed a fulminant streptococcal toxic shock syndrome with cardiac arrest. After resuscitation, high dose intravenous antibiotic therapy and artificial ventilation for 2 weeks, he remained with an extensive hypoxic brain damage. As Picibanil/OK-432 is a preparation of lyophilized, low virulence group A Streptococcus pyogenes cells of human origin, the question of a causative relationship for the tragic outcome arises. We therefore report the clinical course and discuss the action and possible side effects of Picibanil/OK-432.

我們報導一例出生時即有頸部巨大淋巴管畸形的四歲男孩,該病人在出生後的頭一年作了病灶的局部切除,並在其3歲時因為病情反復而應用沙培林/OK-432的注射治療。8個月後該男孩出現暴發性鏈球菌中毒性休克並一度出現心跳驟停。經過急救後,雖給予2周的大劑量抗生素靜脈治療和人工通氣,但該病人仍存廣泛的缺氧性腦損傷。由於沙培林是一種人源細胞來源的A組溶血性鏈球菌凍幹低毒性製劑,其與該病人的不良預後的關係尚需置疑。因此,我們報導此例病人的臨床病程,並討論沙培林/ OK-432可能存在的不良反應。

Keyword : Lymphatic malformation; OK-432; Picibanil; Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome



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