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HK J Paediatr (New Series)
Vol 8. No. 4, 2003

HK J Paediatr (New Series) 2003;8:346-353

29th C. Elaine Field Lecture

Fetal Programming or Adult Lifestyle Lessons from the Newcastle 1000 Families Study
有關紐卡素 1000 個家庭中嬰兒成長或成年人生活模式的研究

AW Craft


It is a privilege and a real pleasure for me to present this 29th Elaine Field Memorial Lecture. Professor Field established the Department of Paediatrics in Hong Kong in 1961 and led it until her retirement in 1976. Then followed a long and well deserved retirement until her recent death in England in 2002. It is perhaps apt that my lecture this year has real connections with her, the work that she did and the Department that she founded and which has continued to thrive for the last quarter of a century since she left. Elaine Field spent many of her early years in the North East of England going to school in Sunderland which is barely 12 miles from my own home town of Newcastle upon Tyne. The second and direct connection between my lecture and Elaine Field is her very important academic study published as a book in 1973 "Growing up in Hong Kong".1 The subject of my paper relates to an earlier study, about growing up in Newcastle upon Tyne. This was led by Dr. F. J. W. Miller and his visit to Hong Kong is recorded in Field's book. Prof. C. Y. Yeung remembers this visit and the long discussions which took place between Field and Miller about how to set up the Hong Kong study. Both studies received their initial financial support from the Nuffield Foundation. Were the findings of these 2 studies on opposite sides of the world the same? We will see!!

本人深感榮幸能在第二十九屆 Elaine Field 教授紀念演講會作出演講。Elaine Field 教授於 1961 年在香港大學創立了兒科部,並一直領導著該部門至 1976 年榮休。往後,她過着悠閒寫意的退休生活,至 2002 年於英國逝世。Elaine Field 教授在兒科領域上的卓越成就,及其對港大兒科部所作出的貢獻,使該部門在她離任後仍得以持續蓬勃發展達四分之一世紀。故此,今天我才可有幸參與這演講會。 Elaine Field 教授與本人也有點淵源,第一,Elaine Field 教授早年在英國東北部的 Sunderland 上學,她的學校與我的家鄉(Newcastle)相距不足十二英哩。 Elaine Field 教授於 1973 年為她的重要學術研究出版了 "Growing up in Hong Kong" 一書,這是我和她第二個淵源。我的論文正是關於 Newcastle 兒童之生長發育的一項早期研究。這項研究是由 Dr. F. J. W. Miller 領導,而在 Elaine Field 教授的書裡也載錄了 Dr Miller 來港訪問的內容。本人深信,楊執庸教授對 Elaine Field 教授和 Dr Miller 之間的詳細討論,其怎樣在香港設立研究仍記憶尤新。該兩項研究初期由 Nuffield 基金提供資助。兩項在世界不同國度的研究,其結果會否相同呢?我們將翹首以待!!

Keyword : Cohort study; Fetal programming



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