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HK J Paediatr (New Series)
Vol 18. No. 3, 2013

HK J Paediatr (New Series) 2013;18:147-151

Original Article

Clinical Characteristics of Children with Orofacial Cleft in a Tertially Centre in Hong Kong

KW Chan, KH Lee, KKY Pang, JW Mou, YH Tam


Objective: With the advancement in antenatal screening technique, there is an increase in antenatal diagnosis of orofacial cleft. Updated information on the clinical characteristics and associated anomalies in children with orofacial cleft is essential in the antenatal counseling, subsequent postnatal management and to anticipate resource allocation. Methods: A retrospective review was conducted in a university teaching hospital in Hong Kong for all children with orofacial cleft who underwent primary surgery from 1 January 1996 to 30 June 2011. Results: 274 children (M:F 140:134) with orofacial cleft were included in this study. Fifty-five (20%) children had isolated cleft lip (CL), 91 (33%) children had cleft lip and palate (CLP). One hundred and twenty-three (45%) children had cleft palate (CP) only. Five (2%) children had macrostomia. Among all children with CL and CLP, boy was more commonly affected (66%). In unilateral CL and CLP cases, left side was 3 times more commonly involved. CP was more common for girls (62%). Twenty-eight children were syndromic or had multiple malformations. In this group of children, 26 had isolated CP (P<0.05). Pierre Robin syndrome was the commonest associate syndrome (n=14). Ten children had major congenital cardiac disease. Two children had structural brain anomalies. Conclusion: This study provides updated clinical characteristics in children with orofacial cleft in Hong Kong. The associated anomalies were rare in children with CL and CLP. Cardiac and brain anomalies were seen in children with orofacial cleft. Echocardiogram and USG brain is required in selected cases.

目的:由於產前篩查技術的進步,產前診斷口面裂的病例也隨之上升。更新口面裂患兒的臨床特徵和相關畸形資料對於產前諮詢、產後管理以及醫療資源分配非常重要。方法:回顧分析香港一間大學教學醫院從1996年1月1日至2011年6月30日期間進行手術的所有口面裂患兒。結果:本研究共有274名(男:女 140:134)口面裂患兒參加。其中55名(20%)患有單純唇裂,91名(33%)患有唇齶裂,123名(45%)患有單純齶裂(CP)和5位患兒(2%)有大口畸形。在所有唇裂和唇齶裂患兒中,男孩多見(66%)。單側唇裂和唇齶裂病例中,左側較右側常見3倍。齶裂多見於女孩(62%)。28名患兒有綜合徵或多發畸形,此組患兒中,26名有單純齶裂(P<0.05)。Pierre Robin綜合徵是最常見的相關綜合徵(n=14)。10位患兒有大型先天性心臟病。2名患兒有腦部結構異常。結論:該研究提供了香港口面裂患兒最新臨床特徵。唇裂和唇齶裂患兒中其他相關畸形較少。口面裂患兒可見心腦結構異常。有關病例應進行超聲心動圖和腦部超聲檢查。

Keyword : Cleft; Lip; Palate



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